Windows & UTC hwclock Josef "Jeff" Sipek

Every so often, I have a need to dual-boot Windows with a Unix-y operating system. In the other OS (e.g., FreeBSD), I like to keep the hardware clock set to UTC (the only truly sane setting). Windows does not expose any user-visible setting to keep the hardware clock in UTC but there is a registry key one can set to make Windows behave sanely. Specifically, in:


you want to set RealTimeIsUniversal to a dword 1.

That’s it. After this, Windows will no longer adjust the hardware clock during DST changes.

I’ve used this a number of times on Windows 7.

This concludes today’s edition of Note To Self.

OmniOS Community Edition r151040c, r151038ac, r151030ec OmniOS Community Edition

OmniOS r151040c, r151038ac and r151030ec are now available.

In r151038 and r151040

  • vim has been updated to version 8.2.3582.

  • python 3.9 has been updated to version 3.9.8

  • openjdk17 would previously produce many warnings such as: SIGSEGV happened inside stack but outside yellow and red zone.

  • Some 32-bit and legacy net-snmp libraries had missing symbols.

  • git-pbchk has been updated to add a new module for verifying the format of package manifests.

  • A new syntax plugin for pkg(5) manifest and transform files has been added to vim.

In r151030 only

  • pkg has been updated to fix a bug in the pkgfmt command which could cause it to fail when converting manifests to v2 format.

For further details, please see

Any problems or questions, please get in touch.